Just like you, we love race cars, oldtimers, sportscars and so on. So our main goal is to keep them running, keep them on the road and on the racetrack. If a car is poorly serviced, it will end up broken. And as you know, broken car = broken heart for people like us.


Over the past few years, we teamed up with some great partners to make sure we can fix and service everything you can challenge us with. From mechanical issues to bodywork to tyre changes to complete restaurations and race cars build. We'll take care of your car and make it better than before.  

Since we - and our partners - have been in business for years, we developped a great network to find original pieces for your beloved car. We also have quite some original BMW ///M parts in stock, even the stuff that's really hard to find. If it comes down to new parts, we are getting good conditions which makes a difference in your wallet! We hate rip-off's just as much as you do so our main aim is to help the customer out, for a fair price.


So don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding a service, mechanical issue, restauration, race or trackday build and so on. We're always there to help you. Unless you drive a Fiat Multipla. Please find our contact info at the 'ABOUT' section on this website or below this page.