///M Café

Every first Monday of the month, we're having an ///M Café at ///M Cave. Why? Because we want to bring passionate people together in a nice place. Let's talk about cars, racing whilst having a drink in this magical setup. Get surrounded by friends as we make our own community.

Think about it. Have you ever seen a bar that has multiple race cars in it? Neither have we... Until now! 

For this monthly event, we're transforming our workshop into a real Petrolhead Bar. But not too much, because we still want to show you what's going on at ///M Cave. 

We're selling drink cards of 6 consumptions for €10 and they stay valid so your ​booze investment won't get lost.

///M Café, every first Monday of the month from 19:00 at /// M Cave. Address: Dikberd 34 KMO Zone: Unit 7A1.